Purfresh Decon, a division of San Francisco based Purfresh, is a provider of specialized ozone-based decontamination and sanitization services targeting air and surface borne viruses, bacteria, pathogens and odors that can cause harm and discomfort to humans. Purfresh Decon leverages patented Purfresh technology systems already in use around the world delivering safe and fresh products overseas between many different countries. Purfresh Decon, through its products and services, provides a cost-effective solution in bringing the antibacterial and antiviral properties of ozone to help reduce the risk of infection, by decontaminating your work or office environment, including other equipment ranging from face masks and gloves to other items such as desks and beds. Purfresh Decon offers permanent, temporary, and mobile solutions to decontaminate your work environment and equipment quickly and effectively,  with zero dangerous residual chemicals.